Ningxia SRP Group

Established in 2013, Ningxia Silk Road ePath Company is the main construction and operating unit of Yinchuan Cross-Border Trade E-Commerce pilot project. The company has subsidiaries of Ningxia Silk Road ePath Co., Ltd. ( Operating Company of the Comprehensive Service Platform), Ningxia Silk Road Online Payment System Co., Ltd. (The Third-Party Payment Platform of Cross-Border Trade), Ningxia Silk Road Big Data Information Customer Service Center, Ningxia Silk Road ePath Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., and Silk Road EStation Middle East Trade FZE (Located in JAFZA, Dubai).

China-Arab Digital Silk Road, built by Ningxia Silk Road ePath Company, is committed to constructing China-Arab Trade Platform with interconnection so as to provide one-stop services such as customs clearance, information integration, payment, logistics and certification for China-Arab trading businesses and establish an efficient, convenient and low-cost domestic and abroad channel. Silk Road ePath Company integrates six modules into the business process, including Export(E-Commerce BBC Business, General Trading B2B Business), Import&Domestic Trade(E- Commerce B2B Business, General Trade B2B Business), Traceable Certification(Certification Standard Information Platform, IoT Tracing System), Silupay Payment(Payment License Application, Internet Finance), Cross-Border Technology Service Transfer(Technical Consultation, Development, Transfer and Innovation) and Big Data Center(Big Data Integration, Customer Service, Language Support).

Ningxia Silk Road ePath Company has established strategic partnership with National Engineering Laboratory of E-commerce Technologies, Yinchuan Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Exposition Bureau of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China Telecom, Ningxia Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, Ningxia Branch of Bank of Communications, China Economic Information Service of Xinhua News Agency and China Urban-townization Promotion Council. Meanwhile, it has also achieved initial cooperation with Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone, Jordan Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority and Oman Duqm Special Economic Zone Authority.

Group Members

Ningxia Silk Road ePath Co., Ltd.

Ningxia Silk Road ePath Co., Ltd. is the main operating unit of Yinchuan Cross-Border Trade E-Commerce pilot project. Established in November, 2013 with a capital injection of 1 million RMB, it is a comprehensive network science and technology company with the core business of cross-border trade e-commerce, development of network technology, consulting service of network technology, information-based platform sales and relevant schemes and services, schemes for information-based community construction, consulting services of computer technology, software development, system integration, storage service, etc. Since its establishment, the company has focused on the new Silk Road economic belt and tried to provide enterprises with an Digital Silk Road to realize trade facilitation and promote trade cooperation between China and Arab states through Yinchuan Cross-Border Trade E-Commerce pilot project. According to the national requirements for the construction of cross-border e-commerce pilot unit, the company tries to build the Uniform Public Information Platform of Yinchuan Cross-Border E-Commerce Whole Industrial Chain, which mainly serves the processing enterprises for the import and export of Muslim food and Islamic products in Ningxia and its surrounding areas, and is focused on the port logistics clearance information and the design, development and operation of Cross-Border E-Commerce Uniform Platform.

Ningxia Silk Road Online Payment System Co., Ltd.

Ningxia Silk Road Online Payment System Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 100 million RMB. The company takes third-party payment as its core business and China-Arab cross-border e-commerce and Internet finance as its business foundation, and dedicates itself to creating a leading domestic comprehensive business platform for cross-border payment, financial services of small & miniature commercial tenants, Internet finance and cross-border e-commerce, by relying on the advantages brought by the new Silk Road economic belt.

Corporate Culture

Our Philosophy: Build Digital Silk Road, Create Trade Bridge Between China and Countries along the Belt and Road

Our Vision: Establish Cross-Border E-Commerce Supply Chain System

Build Comprehensive Service Platform and Online & Offline Trade Channels

Our Core Value: Interconnectivity and Win-Win Cooperation