SRP Receiving Great Success at “Digital Silk Road” Business Cooperation Forum in Serbia

2017-09-29 15:22:07 source: SRP

On September 27th, SRP representative was invited to participate in the third session of “Digital Silk Road” Business Cooperation Forum in Serbia, and received great success from the enterprises from Serbia after introducing our development and breakthroughs in cross-border e-commerce platform connectivity as well as technology and service transfer.


China-Serbia “Digital Silk Road” Business Cooperation Forum


SRP representative is making a statement at the meeting


The Signature Wall of China-Serbia Digital Silk Road Business Cooperation Forum

As the only invited enterprise from Ningxia, our group received great success at the conference. At the three sessions of the forum, we had several communications and negotiations with LimundoGrad and MK Group from Serbia.


SRP representative (first on the right) is making an introduction of our group

During the introduction, our representative stated that with the further implementation of Belt and Road initiative, more Chinese enterprises are seeking exchanges and cooperation with enterprises from not only the Arab counties in the Middle East, but also from other corner of the world. After this visit, we hope to establish more contacts and cooperation with enterprises from Serbia in the coming days so as to transfer Chinese internet technology to Serbia and achieve win-win outcome.


SRP representative is talking with two enterprise representatives from Serbia


The Place Card for SRP Representative