Major Breakthroughs on Food Export Certification Standard Information Platform

2017-10-31 10:52:35 source: SRP

Since October 15th when our food certification standard information platform was launched, this week has witnessed the first enterprise joining the platform with IFRC Food Certificate obtained.


Yantai Tianlu Food Co., Ltd. has obtained IFRC Food Certificate.

Yantain Tianlu Food Co., LTD, a company focusing on dehydrated vegetables and fruits, is the first one to join our food certification platform for export and obtain such certificate after the agreement signing, payment, evaluation and other necessary procedures within two weeks.


The Products of Yantai Tianlu Food Co., LTD

Meanwhile, on October 27th, we signed strategic cooperation agreement in terms of food certification promotion services with Beijing Ehalfresh Technology Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as "") so that we will provide export certification services for more than 200 enterprises in What's more, after certification, we will vigorously promote products of certified enterprises through our food export certification standard information platform.


The Photo of Our Representative and Ehalfresh's Representative


The Homepage of Ehalfresh

Finally, both sides have expressed their best wishes to such cooperation. We believe that it is nothing but a start that will lead more in-depth cooperation in the future. And we will continue our effort to further improve food certification mechanism.