SRP Group and Ningxia Agricultural School Signed A School-Enterprise Cooperation Framework Agreement

2019-04-23 13:59:18 source: SRP

On April 17th, the signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation between SRP and Ningxia Agricultural School (hereinafter, NAS) was held in the meeting room of SRP. The ceremony was presided over by Fang Hua, Vice President of SRP.


Front row, on the left, Wang Kan, CEO of SRP; on the right, He Tao, President of NAS

Before the ceremony, representatives of both sides held a discussion on the cooperation contents. Wang Kan, CEO of SRP, and Fang Hua, Vice President of SRP, introduced the company business, staff career planning, talent cultivation concept and company culture in detail, which were highly recognized by the school side.


Per the agreement, both parties agree to establish a school-enterprise cooperative relationship and be listed as "Ningxia Agricultural School Off-Campus Training and Employment Base" and "Ningxia SRP Group Talent Training and Project R&D Base" respectively.


With the successful signing of the Framework Agreement on School-Enterprise Cooperation, the representatives of the two sides expressed the hope that they would carry out in-depth cooperation at multiple levels and in various forms in the near future, and make contributions to the social and economic development in terms of jointly cultivating talents for enterprises and improving the talent strategy.

Mr. Wang pointed out: "SRP regards talent construction as a long-term development strategy. Cultivating a group of highly professional, skilled and high-quality talents with up-to-date knowledge is the top priority of enterprise development.

With many years endeavor in talent cultivating, we found that cooperating with colleges and universities is an effective way to build high-quality talent teams. The cooperation with NAS is also in accordance with our school-enterprise cooperation concept of mutual benefit, win-win cooperation and common development."