A Research Group Led by Jiang Zuojun, Deputy Secretary General of the National Committee of the CPPCC, Visited SRP Group

2019-05-27 15:20:04 source: SRP

On May 22, a research group of 14 members, led by Jiang Zuojun, Deputy Secretary General of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Executive Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Zhigong Party and accompanied by Ningxia officials, visited the SRP Group to conduct research on the achievements of deepening the "One Belt and One Road" innovation and cooperation and was warmly received by SRP representatives.



The research group


Wang Kan, CEO of SRP, made a detailed introduction to the research group on the development process of the company and the current business development of each section.

In the meanwhile, when the research group learned that the SRP Group had been officially granted the exclusive authorization of homewares products for the Expo 2020 Dubai, Mr. Jiang showed great interest in it and asked some questions about the design, production, sales and project operation of the licensed products.



The CEO of SRP introduces the company's businesses to the research group


Mr. Wang said that as the only Chinese licensee, SRP plans to develop over 500 expo-related products and sells them to the Middle East, North Africa and other regions via the expo platform, with an estimated sales of USD 10 million.



The research group visits the big data customer service center


Finally, the research group visited the company's big data customer service center and spoke highly of the overall development of the center.