Warmly Welcome the Leaders of Ningxia Water Conservancy and Electric Power Engineering School to Visit SRP Group

2019-11-06 10:35:27 source: SRP

On the afternoon of November 4th, Yu Jinping, Party Secretary of Ningxia Water Conservancy and Electric Power Engineering School, led the school's leading team members and school-enterprise cooperation staff to visit SRP Group. Fang Hua, the group's executive vice president, gave a warm reception on behalf of the company, and introduced the company's development and future development plans in detail. In a warm and pleasant atmosphere, the two sides exchanged views on how to better carry out school-enterprise cooperation and how to further deepen the depth and breadth of cooperation.


Subsequently, Zhou Li, Pang Jiayao, Zhang Yuhao, Feng Xiaomei, Ma Ying, Hu Yaqin, intern representatives, shared the experience of being internship to enter SRP Group, problems encountered in the internship process, and their own ideas and suggestions. 

After listening to the students' sharing, the internship teacher Gao Wenqin said that she highly praised the students' positive, optimistic and upward internship attitude, praised the students' growth and progress in the past two months, and encouraged everyone to be " the harder, the more fortunate".


The director of the Office of Admissions and Employment Guidance, Hei Shenghai, combined with the specific situation of the internship to share the purpose and significance of the discussion. He hoped that every student should demand himself with high standards in the process of internship and win the recognition of the company with hard work. He hoped that everyone could persist and complete the internship task successfully.


Next, Fang Hua, the executive vice president of SRP Group, sincerely thanked You Jinping and his colleague for coming to the company to see the internship students and also thanked the school leaders for their recognition and support to SRP Group. At the same time, Mr. Fang also asked the school leaders and teachers to rest and assured that SRP Group would always put the safety and growth of students first, which was the company's consistent commitment to the school, parents, and internship children.

In addition, Mr. Fang expected that students could take the internship seriously and encounter problems with supervisors and managers timely. SRP Group was willing to make progress and grow together with everyone.


Finally, You Jinping, secretary of the Party Committee of the school, pointed out that the students could cherish the internship opportunities provided by SRP Group and truly transform the theoretical knowledge learned in the book into practical operation, so that the internship work would be well-developed for future growth. He also hoped that the students could always meet each day with a full mental state and a sunny attitude and accept and grow with each other in the internship process.

At the same time, You Jinping also sincerely thanked SRP Group for its long-term support for the internship and employment of the school providing a good internship and employment environment for the students to learn and grow in happiness.