On January 17, SRP Were Invited to Participate in the Launching Ceremony of China's Roadshow (jiangsu station) for the Dubai 202

2020-01-19 11:11:49 source: SRP

On January 17, SRP were invited to participate in the launching ceremony of China's roadshow (jiangsu station) for the Dubai 2020 Expo which was held in Xiyuan hotel, Yangzhou.


The event was hosted by the China pavilion organizing committee of the Dubai Expo 2020 and hosted by the China chamber of international commerce, the council for the promotion of trade in Jiangsu province and the people's government of Yangzhou. According to the organizer, the purpose of the roadshow is to fully fulfill the important consensus reached by general secretary Xi Jinping and UAE leaders on China's support to the UAE in hosting Expo 2020 Dubai, timely release to the public the latest progress in the preparation of the China pavilion, and further expand the influence of China's participation in Expo 2020 Dubai.

People were invited to participate in the event are Zhang Shenfeng, vice chairman of CCPIT, deputy minister of trade and investment promotion, CCPIT RuanHui, related leaders of Jiangsu province, vice mayor of Yangzhou city people's government of jiangsu province Fang Guilin, Ms. Faizan baloussi, acting consul general of the UAE consulate general in Shanghai, representative of China pavilion cooperation unit, Jiangsu local businesses represented at the cooperation unit, and media representatives- a total of more than 200 people. During the event, zhang shenfeng, vice President of China council for the promotion of international trade, delivered a speech and announced the launch of China's roadshow (Jiangsu station) for Expo 2020 Dubai .


Ruan wei, deputy director of trade and investment promotion department of CCPIT, briefed the guests on the preparations for the China pavilion and released the logo and mascot of the pavilion.


According to Ruan Wei, the main elements of the CHINA pavilion logo were "red lanterns" and the English letter "CHINA" and the Chinese character "zhong". In traditional Chinese culture, "lanterns" not only brought light and direction to people, but also symbolized league members, harmony and auspiciousness. The Chinese characters "CHINA" and "zhong" in the lantern were not only easy to identify CHINA in the context of the Expo, but also expressed Chinese wish to integrate with the world.


When introducing the mascot of the China pavilion, Ruan Wei said that the mascot of the China pavilion was an intuitive and vivid carrier to display China's national image and development concept. The mascot of the China pavilion, named tongtong,was based on the giant panda. The giant panda, as a national treasure of China, had great influence and strong representation in the world, and the image of the giant panda "tongtong" was lively and honest, which well combined the traditional style and modern techniques of China, showing the traditional moral values of China's gentleness and kindness. The name "tong" embodied China's efforts and confidence in building a community with a shared future for mankind. It was highly consistent with the theme of the China pavilion and expressed China's vision of pooling the strength of the international community, promoting global cooperation and creating a better future.

In the end, Zhang Shenfeng, vice President of CCPIT, awarded to the cooperation enterprises and media of the China pavilion.

According to Wang Rui, deputy director of the exhibition department of the China chamber of international commerce, the China pavilion had reached cooperation agreements with 26 outstanding Chinese enterprises including Shanghai Electric, Qingdao Haier, Tencent, iFlyTek and Sinotrans. China pavilion would also continue to cooperate with outstanding Chinese enterprises representing China's innovative technologies, innovative products and innovative ideas to tell the world a good story about China and make China's voice heard.

In November 2019, SRP signed a cooperation agreement with the China chamber of international commerce, officially obtaining the official authorization of second-level agent of China pavilion sponsors of the Expo 2020 Dubai. At present, SRP was actively promoting the investment promotion sponsored by the China pavilion.